Dr.Mamma Store UAE

Ayurvedic Online Concept Store for Pregnancy Care

A holistic wellness through Ayurveda
to mothers and mother nature

According to Ayurveda, the mind, body, consciousness, and environment are interconnected and interdependent aspects of a person’s well-being. When these elements are in balance, a person is said to have optimal health and wellness. Dr. Mamma is striving to maintain this balance as pregnancy tends to create an unbalanced environment for women.





Reviving Ayurvedic maternity care through an online concept store.

To be one of the globally recognized ayurvedic concept store for Pregnant women and new mothers.

How we bring it to you

Dr. Mamma’s therapeutic fabrics are hand-picked from organic-certified farms and carefully dyed with Ayurvedic herbs to produce different hues of colour. Our natural plant dyes are derived from diverse parts of plants, including seeds, roots, barks, stems, and leaves. 

The dyed cotton is then hand-spun and hand-woven by skilled Indian women artisans. In addition to solid-coloured fabric, we use distinctive cloth-printing techniques such as shibori itajime to create different design patterns on the fabric.