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Ayurvastra -Stoles

We offer a variety of stoles, available in both solid-dyed and eco-printed options.

Our eco-printed stoles are created using a green and sustainable method that involves imprinting natural plant components onto the fabric. This is achieved by wrapping the fabric tightly with leaves, flowers, and stems, and then steaming or boiling it to transfer the colours onto the material.

To make these beautiful creations, we use fabrics such as peace silk, GOTS-certified cotton, organic cotton silk, linen, bamboo fabric, banana fabric, and lotus fabric.

Our stoles are the perfect accessory to wrap around your neck or drape over your shoulders as a scarf.

Eco-printing is a technique that reproduces the hues and patterns of leaves and other organic plant materials like bark, seeds, and flowers on cloth.

Our stoles are handweaved and ecoprinted with Ayurvedic herbs

The eco-printing process, which provides the cloth a variety of hues, is frequently employed with eucalyptus, ricinus communis, teak leaves, and eupatorium.